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Downloadable PDF Packet with Content and Interractive Worksheets 


This packet is for you if:

►You’re just starting out in college, a job, or being out on your own for the first time

►You’re working on building your career  

►You’re looking for ways to be more successful  

►You’re looking to improve yourself and your life

►You’re needing a boost in confidence  

►You’re preparing for your DREAM LIFE


What you can expect: 


►Building Your Personal Brand: This is content regarding what building a personal brand means and how to do it. 

○ Building Your Personal Brand Worksheet: An interactive worksheet that is meant to help you tap into some self reflection and pinpoint some of your strengths and weaknesses. 

○ Building Your Personal Brand Personality Quiz: A fun interactive cosmo-style quiz to help you define some of your personal interests and habits. 


►Feeling Boss:  Here is where you will learn about different ways to feel more like a Boss Lady and how you can implement them into your everyday life. 

○ Feeling Boss Worksheet: An interactive worksheet for you to use in defining what make you feel BOSS. 


►Confidence: Here is where we will talk about the art of building confidence and allowing that to show in your professional and personal life. 

○ Confidence Worksheet: An interactive worksheet that will help you see why you should feel so confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

Personal Branding E-Book