About the book:


A guide for women who aspire for a life they LOVE!

Table of Contents: 

Future Boss Lady is a book that I designed to be an aid to those who are just starting out in their careers and lives. With this in mind, the pages are written in lists and broken up with titles and categories. This will allow you to easily find the relevant topics and get to the content fast. 

There are four chapters within Future Boss Lady with their own sub-chapters and topics, specializing in different categories of life. Being a Future Boss Lady isn’t just about getting the career you want, or doing well at your job, it’s a way of being. A personal brand that is going to take you far in all aspects of your life, so please use this book in whatever way that works best for you. Get inspired, work hard, and flourish. 

Chapter 1: The Boss Lady 

►Building a Personal Brand

►Your Morning Routine 

►Your Nightly Routine 

►Feeling Boss

►Traits of Strong Women


►Future Boss Lady 

►The Boss Lady

►Your Style

►Style Quiz

►Style Basics

►Gym Attire

►Glamorously Casual 

►Interview Outfits 

►Professional Attire

►Dressing Up

►Your Hair Style

►Beauty Routine 

►Your Goals

►Boss Lady Goals

►Time Management 


►The Productivity Guide


►The Positivity Worksheet  


►Budgeting Tips For Success

►The Budget


Chapter 2: Class and Style 


►In Tough Situations 




►Friendships Worksheet 

►Friendship Fights 

►Friendship Fights Worksheet 

►At the Table 

►In a Restaurant 

►Being a Gracious Guest 

►Being a Fabulous Hostess

►Exhibiting Elegance 

►How Charming 

►Thank You Notes

►The Gift Guide 

Chapter 3: FBL at Work

►College Tips for Success


►Supply List 


►Essay Checklist

►Résumé and Cover Letter Tips

►Your Résumé

►Your Résumé Guide

►Your Cover Letter

►Your Cover Letter Guide 

►Your Social Media Résumé 


►Phone Interviews 

►Video Interviews 

►The Newbie

►Being a Stellar Employee

►Professional Habits 

►Bad Behavior and Mistakes 

►Customer Service Issues 

►Young and In Charge 


Chapter 4: Boss Up 

►Dorm Living 


►Roommate Chore Guide 

►Renting your First Home

►The Checklist 

►Home Essentials 

►Cleaning Supplies 

►Clean Home Guide 


►Health Guide 

►Home First Aid Kit

►Car Maintenance

►Grocery Shopping

►Grocery Guide 

►Grocery Worksheet 

►The Measurement Guide 

►Cooking Vegetables 

►Fruits by the Season

►Basic Recipes 

►Meal Prepping Tips 

►Packed Lunch for Adults 

►The Coffee and Espresso Guide 

►The Tea Guide 

►The Wine Guide 

►The Beer Guide 

►Classic Cocktails


►Travel Investments 

►Travel Goals 

►The Travel Budget

►Travel Packing Checklist 

►Surviving Long Flights 

►Travel Buddies 

►Going Solo

Ready to Read it?

I know you’re facing fear of what life is going to look like when the affects of COVID-19 are over — but it doesn’t have to be this way. ⠀

I’m excited to let you know that the redesigned (now less than $20) Future Boss Lady Book is available now, and it’s going to help you define and create an action plan to becoming the woman you were MEANT to be. ⠀

Here’s how you might be feeling: ⠀
• I don’t know if I’m going to have a job to go back to/ will there be a job for me when I graduate? ⠀

• How is this pandemic going to hurt my life? Will I be able to come back from this? ⠀

• Am I even allowed to think about dreams when I’m suppose to be thinking about surviving? ⠀

I know this because I’m there with you right now, and guess what, even back when I was graduating college, I didn’t know what I actually wanted to do or what I was meant for. ⠀

I chose a journalism degree because that was the most logical choice for a writer to actually make a living, but it never quite fit. ⠀

It took me a year out of college to discover an entire world of women doing (and succeeding) in a field I actually WANT to be in. Living lives I actually aspire to live! ⠀

This time might feel really scary and daunting but there ARE options. More than you realize. Those options will also only get more vast when you actually align with and believe in the work you want to do. ⠀

To help you discover this, here’s what I did, I created a magazine style guide that had the sole purpose of helping you discover your deepest, most authentic self, set and accomplish obtainable goals, and teach you how to build the foundation for your future, most successful self. ⠀

It’s about instilling positive habits, defining your ideal life, and guiding you through the steps to get there. ⠀

All the key resources you need to come out of this pandemic with a mental, spiritual, and career glow up! ⠀

If this sounds aligned to you check out the book on Amazon here! 

The Layout:

  • The book is broken up into four chapters all pertaining to different areas of life: 

    • Personal growth ​

    • Interactions and relationships 

    • School and Work 

    • Home and lifestyle 


  • Each content page starts with an introduction, and then has a list of Tips for Success. 


  • Each worksheet has questions and then room for the reader to answer. 


  • Each guide has a specific layout and then room for the reader to incorporate their own notes and ideas. 

My favorite 5 sections:  

  •  Building a Personal Brand 

  • Exhibiting Elegance 

  • Social Media Resume 

  • The Study Guide 

  • The Wine Guide ​

Who is this book for? 

  •  The college girl trying to pick a major. 

  • The career woman looking to pivot.  

  • The intern shooting for the full-time job. 

  • The working girl aiming for a promotion.  

  • Anyone ready to level up and take the next step.


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